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Welcome to Bunwell Parish Council 


Welcome. This site has been created by the Parish Council to allow us to better connect with the people living and working in our village. You can read more about what the council does here and you can contact the Parish Clerk to pass on any comments you may have.   


Bunwell Parish Council is the first tier of local government in the village. Most local public services are provided by South Norfolk District or Norfolk County Council, but the Parish Council is the closest to the people it represents. 

This website is mainly about the work of the Parish Council, providing residents and others a window into its workings and providing a place for interested parties to look at the various documents and records we keep. 

News items or information sent to the Parish Council can be found on the next page.  Go to the Parish Council News page to find the latest items of interest. 

The National Grid proposed Norwich to Tilbury Pylon Project

Many residents have voiced their concerns, not only for the main line of pylons crossing this area but because there is a proposal for a lorry park and the ancillary roadways to be sited on land off Low Common.  The landowners affected have had meetings with Fisher German, the National Grid surveyors, and the effects on the local area will be devastating, resulting in loss of woodland and grazing land and a huge increase in the volume of heavy vehicles on local roads. The Parish Council have set up a Pylon Working Party to collate all the objections from residents and present a report to the Parish Council for them to add to the consultation which is now open.  The understanding of most residents and councillors is that an integrated offshore grid in the North Sea would save £2bn overall, reduce infrastructure offshore and onshore by 50%, and would mean that a line of pylons is not needed. Residents are encouraged to register their comments or objections on the website. The consultation is running between 12:00 noon on 10 April 2024 and 11:59pm on 18 June 2024. Responses to the consultation can be submitted as follows:

·online via the Project’s website (

· scanning a paper copy of the Feedback questionnaire or submitting a free text letter or email

· by post at Freepost N TO T

· by email (

Public information events are being held at various venues along the proposed route and the nearest to Bunwell is at:  Tibenham Community Hall on Friday Friday 10th May from 1.00-6.00pm. You can also join a webinar by signing up on the Project website. The one for our area is on Wednesday 29th May from 6.00-7.00pm.

Bunwell Surface Water and Sewerage Working Party - Following recent meetings where residents have expressed concerns about localised flooding and sewerage problems, the  Parish Council have set up a Working Party.  The Terms of Reference  confirm its structure, purpose, responsibilities, operation and reporting requirements. The Working Party will report to the Parish Council on a regular basis but the Parish Council will deal with all external enquiries including at Parish Council Meetings.

The ToR can be found by following the link below  and any interested applicants should contact the Parish Council Clerk, email: bunwell-pc@live.comInterested applicants will be required to advise their home address, contact details, reasons why they wish to join, whether they’ve been affected by sewer or surface water flooding and how they feel they can contribute to such a group.

Terms of Reference

Modification Order to add the lane between Greenways and Barhams Lane to the Definitive Map.

The Parish Council is keen to ensure that the above footpath is added to the Definitive Map.  In order to this, we have to collect at least 12 completed forms of evidence showing that this path has been used for the last 20 years.  If you think you can help, please download and fill in the form from the link below, together with a map showing the location, or contact the Clerk for more help.

User Evidence Form

Location Map


The Parish Council is responsible for:​

  • the playing field

  • the play area

  • commenting on planning applications

  • the village notice boards

  • general maintenance around the village


Village Hall
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