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Bunwell Surface Water Drainage and Sewerage
Working Party

Surface Water Drainage and Sewerage Working Party

Following the recent meeting the Parish Council has commenced preparation of the Terms of Reference for the Surface Water Drainage and Sewerage Working Party.  When completed this will confirm its structure, purpose, responsibilities, operation and reporting requirements. The Working Party will report to the Parish Council on a regular basis. The Parish Council will deal with all external enquiries including at Parish Council Meetings.

The Terms of Reference will be posted on the Bunwell Parish Council website during the week commencing shortly and thereafter interested applicants should email the Parish Council Clerk, email:

Interested applicants will be required to advise their home address, contact details, reasons why they wish to join, if they’ve been affected by sewer or surface water flooding and how they feel they can contribute to such a group.

Links to important documents are given below:

Terms of Reference

Living on the Edge - Environment Agency Information Leaflet

Riparian Ownership - Information on Rights and Responsibilities

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